Empower Network Releases Kalatu Blogging Platform Opportunity

If you have heard about the Empower Network while searching for a good program online and you are intrigued to know about it, then you must know that it is basically an MLM program. The only difference is that unlike other MLM programs there is no actual product involved here, instead it a viral blogging educational platform that allows the internet marketers to promote their business and increase their prospects through marketing blogs.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining A Company Like Empower Network?

empower network kalatu blogThe Empower Network offers a wide range of benefits to all its marketers. Almost all the Empower network reviews you find online will surely mention these benefits the addition of Kalatu system:

• When you become part of the Empower Network, you are getting access to a marketing platform that has made a lot of entrepreneurs successful. The blogging system allows  internet marketers to set up their own marketing blog in a short period of time without having the technical expertise to set up a blog.

The new Kalatu blog has a special design and built in marketing tools that allows you to make your blog go viral and promote your business to a wide audience in no time.

• One of the best things about this Kalatu blogging system is that it gives you complete freedom on the kind of content that you want on your blog. There are no restrictions or any hard and fast rules that guides you to write only in a specific way or any particular subject.

You can basically create any content and post it on your Kalatu blog, however, to see quick results you would need to put fresh and unique content regularly. The more you blog the more would expose your business and attract new readers to your site.

• The systems helps you generate a large of targeted leads on a consistent basis without spending too much amount of time and money on creating marketing plan.

Empower Network Compensation Plan

Empower network is rated among the top MLM companies since it offers an amazing compensation plan for its affiliates. The compensation plan was recently revised in June 2014. The revision came into place mainly with the view to provide motivation to the affiliates to recruit more and more members.

As per the new compensation plan, every 5th sale is considered a pass up. This new plan allows the sponsors to educate  new members on how to get started with their sales and strategies to convert  potential members into long lasting customers . Although the sponsors consider training the new members as a time consuming job, they get rewards for their time and energy as the 1st sale of the new member is passed to the sponsors. This is the key to building a business online like we talked about last time.

Some critics say that this would discourage new members, but if you look at other MLM compensation plans existing in the market, this is a common practice among all of them. Although, you may find a lot of misleading Empower network reviews online, the fact is that it is one of the best money making programs that allows you to earn valuable income without the hassles and stress of going to work in a company owned by others. Here you can be your own boss and enjoy the freedom of working at your own pace and will.